Sunny Windows

by Adrian Morse

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If I got the lyrics wrong, maybe it was on purpose, or maybe it was by accident. You'll never know.


released 01 July 2014

All songs written as noted and recklessly recorded by AMM. Instruments used include a blue yeti usb microphone, an epiphone acoustic, a glockenspiel, a banjo, a set of cheap harmonicas, some sort of hand percussion things, and some kind of plastic tambourine.



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Adrian Morse Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Based out of Philadelphia, Adrian is classically trained in composing for computers and a self-taught destroyer of stringed instruments. He is a veteran of countless musical missteps, unrealized bands, and aborted projects. His latest releases include an album of tracks built on a phone, a singer-songwriter album, and a pair of EPs recorded with the band Trackjackets. ... more

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Track Name: Kathleen E
Kathleen, weather comes in like your moods
Will you bring sunny skies or carry a monsoon?
My fingers hurt from playing your chords
My voice is hoarse from singing your words

Let down your guard as you let fall your tresses
Craft me a noose and I will hang there with your blessing
My ears still ring from playing your songs
My throat is sore from singing along

Kathleen, Kathleen
Won’t you ever fall for me?
Won’t you ever fall for me?

Kathleen, weather comes in like your moods
And in your winter gloom, I will take care of you
We’re a pair of cats sitting in the light
From a sunny window