from bright smile black eyes by Adrian Morse



if our lives were a movie
it’d be the art house kind
with a romantic climax
then dénouement, where everybody dies
we’d leave audiences bewildered
by the time the credits rolled before their eyes

our setting: an evening river valley scene
the sun is taking its fall so half-heartedly
as streams of light beam between the trees
you want to contemplate god, as if that’s something to believe
when the only thing I can contemplate are the freckles on your skin
and how lovely you’d feel wrapped around me in the cooling air we’re in

amidst all the natural beauty of this view
and the natural order we’re both wedded to
the only beautiful thing I can contemplate is you
the only beautiful thing I can’t look at is you

scene two, in which everything’s so perfectly bleak
a quiet park, your hair careening gently in the breeze
april showers have given new life to this place
while songs and stories have put this sad panda look on your face
you want to contemplate our lives, as if it’s something to believe
when the only thing I can contemplate is the kiss that isn’t coming


from bright smile black eyes, released January 4, 2011
Pretty Misery Music© 2010


all rights reserved



Adrian Morse Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Adrian creates songs stitched from historical yarns, literary scenes, and relatable blunders of personal experience. A veteran of countless musical missteps, unrealized bands, and aborted projects, his recent works include an acoustic LP and a series of increasingly unpopular releases with the power pop band Readership. He resides in Philadelphia and has a nice cat (who even has his own song). ... more

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